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Our Story

Curate Calgary is an online marketplace that connects some of the city’s best small businesses with Calgarians across the city. As a full service delivery company, we bring a selection of Calgary’s finest food and beverage vendors directly to your door step. Our goal to is to provide a one-stop marketplace where you can shop all of your food and beverage needs at once. leave the hassle of picking everything up to us!

Supporting local small businesses when it matters most

The years 2020 and 2021 will go down in history as an unprecedented. Lockdowns across the globe forced businesses everywhere to shut down and small businesses within the food sector were some of the hardest hit as a result of this. The widespread impact of lockdown measures within Calgary were no exception.

With lockdowns came countless job losses, and permanent closures of some of Calgary’s most renowned small businesses.

At Curate Calgary, we believe that now more than ever is a time to come together as fellow Calgarians and support the small businesses that form the backbone of this great city. Curate Calgary is 100% locally owned and operated and all of our vendors operate within and directly around the Calgary area.

Our vision for the future

The impact of the pandemic has not only changed the economic landscape in the short-term, but will surely have a lasting effect moving into the future. Lockdowns and customers staying home to stay safe from the virus have re-shaped the way people go about shopping for their groceries and other culinary needs. As businesses continue to adapt to the online marketplace that has grown throughout the pandemic, we want to be there to support Calgary’s small business food vendors in any way that we can. At Curate Calgary we don’t just want to help support our local businesses during these difficult times, but we also want be there to propel them going forward.